Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Stephen King's Cat's Eye Review (1985)

Stephen King's Cat's Eye, is quite simply an anthology story written by Stephen King. What differs this from films such as Creepshow is the fact that all the storys are slightly interconnected with each other, rather than having a small interlude with some sort of Cryptkeeper. Here we have three stories, each running about half an hour long. This film is however famous for it being one of the few that was written specifically for the screen. Some of which are good, and others not so much.

Our first story stars James Woods, as a chain smoker who wants to kick the habit, so he enlists the help of Quitters Inc., who claim they can make it all happen. As he approaches the offices, he nearly runs over a fat little fuck of cat. He reaches Quitters Inc. to find out that they really are willing to do whatever it takes to get you to quit. Anything. Kiddnapping your wife. No problem. Cutting off your pinkey. No problem. Everything few and far between. No problem, just so long as you quit the habit. The acting here is solid with the few roles that there are. James Woods does a good job of going crazy from his fequent nicotene fits, and he really convinced me that he REALLY wanted that cigarette. While this story wasn't necisarilly scary, it was definatly tense, and had its moments. We catch up with that little cat as he hops aboard a ship and makes his way to the big city.

The second story is rather uneventful, and the least successful of the group. It involves a man who has a very bad gambeling problem. What's up with all the addiction stuff Stephen? He is then given a bet to walk around the ledge of very tall building. Much mayhem ensues and we see a few gunshots. It is one of the few storys to feature gore as a head roles across the floor. Eh, this one was pretty boring. The little bastard kittie runs in to a little quaint neighborhood and tries to join a forces with...

Drew Barrymoore, who is currently having nightmares about strange creatures. Our little cat (who Drew coins General) is the only one along with her who sees or belives in these creatures. Her mother tries to convince out of keeping the cat because Drew already has a bird, and they obviously doesn't get along. So they throw him out on the street. But, late into the night, Drew starts getting attacked by strange troll like gremlins that steal your breath. This one was nice and fun, as the creatures look a lot like Gremlins, and it really had a nice 80's feel and quality to it. Plus one of the creatures gets tossed into a fan and chopped to pieces, who doesn't enjoy that.

Overall, Cat's Eye was a fun little watch, that you won't gain or lose anything from watching. It's not the best Stephen King film ever, not by far, but with some of his recent failings, it is a little higher on the list than most.I give Stephen King's Cat's Eye, Three zombi heads, out of Five.

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