Monday, May 10, 2010

[REC] Review (2007)

One of the best foreign horror films in recent times not to come out of an Asian nation was REC. Coming in from Mexico, the Spanish film did decently here, playing at a few film festivals and was a pretty successful DVD realese. It was of course remade, and terrible into Quarantine. But don't let that fool you, REC is seriously scary. It's in the tradition shaky-cam style and is very short. It's got an interesting plot, some great sublimely creepy effects. I hope to see more from these two directors and can't wait for REC 2 to get it's stateside realese.

I Give REC A:

Orphan Review (2009)

The most recent in the sub-genre of creepy children horror came to us in the form of Orphan. The film was realesed last year and was pretty successful, though it did run into a little trouble with some associations. I enjoyed the film quite a bit though. I thought it was good that we got an R rated slasher, that wasn't R for just sex, but actually had some really gruesome moments, and disgusting scenes. One of the best comes during the beggining of the film which had my girlfriend seriously freaking out. The little girl who played Ester did an amazing job, even nailing a faux Russian accent. The only problem was the ending, which was a little to far fetched for me. The film had a cool style, good acting, and some good gory scenes, and I enjoyed it much more than most recent horror flicks.

I Give Orphan A:

Saw Review (2004)

What started out as a short film, and then and indie film dying for a limited realese has now become the major franchise you see before you. Though many people furiously detest Saw, and with good reason. I actually rather enjoy the series, the first one especially. Saw isn't the smartest film ever, but most horror films aren't.But, it's decently gory, fairly scary, and kept me entertained up until it's amazing finale. While it does have it's flaws, mostly in the acting category, I've still watched it multiple times, and still get shivers at the end. While some people grew up on Halloween and Friday The 13th, the most recent generation has the Saw franchise, and that's good enough for them.

I Give Saw A:


Army Of Darkness Review (1992)

The third, and (thus far) final film in Sam Raimi's epic Evil Dead trilogy comes to us in 1992 with the title Army Of Darkness. Bruce Campbell returns as the chainsaw wielding Ash, and the story picks up directly after the events of Evil Dead II. This is by far and away my least favorite of the Evil Dead films. It trades in gore, violence, and scares for some cheap thrills and laughs. I enjoyed some of the humor but not enough of it to make an entire film based off it. Evil Dead II was the perfect combonation, but by Army Of Darkness the series almost became pointless. I love the campyness of the film, some good laughs, decent effects (for the time), and some of the costumes are rather well done, I still enjoy the film, just not nearly as much as the others. There are currently talks of a sequel, or remake (or both), and either way, I'm pretty much there.

I Give Army Of Darkness:

Whoa, been forever.

I regret to inform you all of what you already know. But I've been neglecting this site somewhat lately. I haven't been posting that much, and that of which I have been posting has been kinda half-assed. So I present to you Paragraph Reviews. Starting after I post this, I'm going to write short reviews for a few films that I've been pushing off for awhile. This will hopefully make me feel better, get the load of stuff to do off my back, and give you a quick horror fix. So without further ado, I shall post this, and get to writing.

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