Friday, October 2, 2009

November Review (2005)

For those of you who don't know (which is probably most of you) November is a little unknown film from 2005 that made its mark in the film festival circuit and left the eye of the rest of the population for good. But, now that Halloween time has come again, every store in the country is putting up their cheap horror film DVD stands, and for $5.99 why not? While November really isn't a horror film, its a semi-phosiophychological thiller that stars Courtney Cox. So what do you get? A very mixed bag.

November is about a woman struggling of the grief of her boyfriends death. He was murdered in a convience store during an armed robbery. As she goes through the processes of death, she begins to find clues, photos, papers, and videos that may help her find the killer. Her first clue comes up in a photography class she's taking, when a student has a picture of her car outside the store where he was killed. We get nearly ninety differents versions of the same story, and it will definatly leave you confused, and out of focus. You have to look hard to understand this film, and once you get it, it is still kind of a weak ending.

The story of this film is good enough, even though it is confusing as all hell. You'll be fine for the first twenty minutes but after tat, you'll have absouloutly no clue what is going on. It's not as to say that this film doesn't have a story, or a resoloution, it does, and though it is hard to find, you can find it. I think that part of the problem may come from the films length. Or lack of length, as it is only an hour and seventeen minutes long. This is also a semi-art-house film, with length shots of what appears to be nothing. And to the average viewer this may be, but I've seen enough films that do it, to actually find it somewhat normal.

For those of you expecting a horror movie because you found it on the cheap horror movie rack for $5.99, please don't expect it to be scary. It isn't and it doesn't try to be. It's a smart thiller that knows what it's doing, and pulls it off rather nicely. The acting in this film was also very good. Courtney Cox did a wonderful job, as always, and the supporting cast was great as well, Nick Offerman (Parks and Recreation fans in da house) has a small roll in this, and does a good, kinda funny, kinda monotone detective part that he was written to play. I enjoy most of his work, and this definatly proves that fact. I also enjoyed the films meaning. The ending is a tride and true "I love you" but with some gore and violence thrown in for good measure.

Overall, November isn't what you'll expect it to be, will leave you confused and wondering, even though there is definatly a conclusion and a story, it may be a little hard to find. This does not delude from the fact that enjoyed this film for what it was, and I think that you should do the same. I give November Three zombi heads our of Five.

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