Monday, December 21, 2009

Top 10 Films Of The Year

As I am currently typing this first paragraph, it is December 21st, 2009, and I have begin to compile my list of the Top 10 Films Of The Year. Now, that does not mean the top 10 films that have come out in 2009, but rather the Top 10 films I reviewed this year. Granted I got a late start beggining my reivews in September, I still managed to post 14 reviews, and 4 horror or site related articles. So, fourtanetly for me, this makes picking my top ten very easy. Being that it is December 21st, I have ten days to count down my top 10, I will be posting, and editing everyday, so keep coming back if you want to see the list. Lets get started.

#10-Drag Me To Hell
I know that this film was adored by most horror fans, and most critics alike, but, alas, Sam Raimi return to horror was nowhere near as good as it could have been. It's nowhere close to the realm of Evil Dead awesome, and it couldn't decide what it wanted to be. It also lacked the Raimi comedy we have come to know and love, and thereby was a dissapointement in that sense. That all being said, Raimi is still a master of the craft, and Drag Me To Hell is well above most other horror flicks of recent times, and that made Drag Me To Hell, #10.

The horror-comedy sub-genre once again proved that, in the right hands, the unlikely hybrid can be a lot of fun, and very cool. Slither was a box-office failure, even though it met with positive fan reviews, and mixed critics reviews. The gore was cool, the humor was spot on, and all the action seemed just right. The slow moments did, well, slow it down quite, and made it very boring to watch in some parts. But the film did show that the actors had a decent career ahead of them, and that made Slither, #9.

The master of horror returned to revitalize the genre in 1996, when he realesed Scream. A horror movie about kids who loved horror movies. Another example that horror-comedy can work if put in the right hands. The genious screen-writer Kevin Williamson should get/does get a lot of the credit in writing such a smart, witty, and scary film. This was also the first time since the early eighties when we got a brand new villian to look forward to. Scream was an amazingly fun movie, and had and even better sequel, and that made Scream, #8.

#7-Friday The 13th Part II
Ah, finally, a classic clocks in on the list. Friday The 13th Part II, back when Jason was scary and people wanted to see a Friday sequel. Well, one that didn't suck anyway. Part II was an excellent follow up film, and a great sequel in general. It was fun, had some interesting kills, and probably the best amount of nudity in a Friday film. Thank God for horny teenagers and full frontal skinny dipping. Plus, let us not forget about the badassery that was the doubly impalement, and that made Friday The 13th Part II, #7.

#6-Scream 2
What may quite possibly be the greatest sequel of all time, Scream 2 surpasses the first in nearly every way. Scream 2 has more and more in jokes, great kills, fun characters, excellent acting, and some very cool and unique kills. Kevin Williamson sure is a genious, and I can't wait to review some of his other films. Too bad the series seriously messed itself up with the third one, in fact, it's the only Scream that didn't make the list. Anywho, everything is almost forgotten after watching the second again, and that made Scream 2, #6.

#5-Friday The 13th
The original Friday The 13th clocks in just two places ahead of it's sequel counterpart. Reasons being: It's the original, come on. It started an entire genre of stalk-and-slash and camp horror films, and it also defined a generation of movie goers to what they should expect from their horror movies in general, and, cool kills, fun story, and one hell've an ending...Plus I liked the acting in this one better than Part II, and that made Friday The 13th, #5.

#4-The Descent
This one was sheer bloody genious. As much as I hate to put a modern horror film over such giants as Friday The 13th and Scream, this film definafly deserved it. It was bloody, fun, scary, and had an amazingly intense amount of claustraphobia. The monsters were cool, though, a little unnecisary, and Neil Marshall sure did an excellent job, both directing, and writing, and that made The Descent, #4.

#3-The Evil Dead

Sam Raimi makes his way onto the list for a second time, with this classic film. I've reviewed two of his films, and both of them made it on the top-ten, not bad Raimi! Rated X upon realese, then NC-17 on appeal, The Evil Dead is full of blood and gore. The Ultimate Experience In Grueling Terror is a pretty fair shake for the film, which is (for the most part) very fast moving, and its only 80 mins long, and that made The Evil Dead, #3.

#2-The Nin9s
I don't care if this wasn't a full-fledged horror film! I loved the hell out of this movie, and thought that it's scary moments were even more scary then most modern horror film scares, it had a great, interesting story, the acting was great on all accounts, which is amazing considering that all three main actors/actresses had to play at least three differnt characters each, it almost turned into a Lynch film, and that made The Nin9s, #2.

#1-The Return Of The Living Dead
A quasi-sequel to the original Night of the Living Dead, The Return of the Living Dead is an amazingly classic 80's B-movie by the always impressive Dan O'Bannon (writer of Alien), the acting was admittidly cheeseball, but who cares, it was suppose to. The blood was amazing, it had some amazing jokes, I just all around loved this movie. It was the movie that first had zombies yelling out "BRAINS!!!", for that alone, and all the other reasons I listed, and those I didn't, it wasn't hard to decide the number 1, which is officaily, The Return Of The Living Dead.

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